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Top 15 Places to Visit Summer in India

India, with its rich cultural tapestry and diverse landscapes. It’s a beckons travelers to explore its wonders throughout the year by visiting place in India during summer time. As the summer sun casts its warm glow across the subcontinent in April, May, or June. It presents an opportune time to embark on a journey filled with vibrant experiences and breathtaking vistas.

From snow-capped mountains to sun-kissed beaches, India offers a plethora of destinations to suit every traveler’s preference.

Here are 15 Places to Visit Summer in India:

Leh-Ladakh Mountain

Leh-Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir: Explore ancient Buddhist monasteries where monks chant prayers & crown of India’s map. Another marvel place situated at the breathtaking Pangong Lake, where the water changes colors like a magical painting under the vast blue sky. Even the best place for biker in India.


Shimla, Himachal Pradesh:

Take a ride on the historic toy train, chugging through tunnels and over bridges. Don’t miss the panoramic views from the ridge of mountain, where you can spot snow-capped peaks. That view is so beautiful that visitor can visit place in India. Even your can see playful monkeys swinging from trees in forest & road side.

Darjeeling, West Bengal:

Visit the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute to learn about climbing big mountains for your better journey. Enjoy a cup of delicious tea while watching the sunrise paint the sky with shades of orange and pink over the majestic Kanchenjunga during the clear day end.

Rishikesh Mountain

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand:

Feel the thrill of flying high on a giant swing overlooking the river in Rishikesh. Don’t forget to visit the famous Beatles Ashram which famous & you learn more from YouTube videos. You can walk amidst colorful graffiti and feel the peace in the air as it is the place of spirituality. It is known as the “Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas” and “Yoga Capital of the World”

Goa, India


Build sandcastles on the beach and collect seashells while listening to the sound of waves crashing. You can dance the night away at beach parties under the twinkling stars with the cool ocean breeze that you can feel on your hair with the wind flow.

You can experience the ultimate summer getaway in India at Goa, the places to visit in summer with colleague and friends. Goa’s pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife and thrilling water sports. So Goa offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for your holiday vacation. Plan your memorable summer escape to Goa today & take office break!

Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

New emerging place to visit the island & beautiful place promoted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Snorkel in the clear waters to discover a world of colorful coral reefs and playful fish. Take a boat ride to explore hidden coves and pristine beaches where you can have picnics and make sand angels. Dont forget to travel which is on the list of mine in place to visit summer in India

Munnar, Kerala:

Wander through the fragrant tea gardens and learn how tea is made from leaf to cup. Learn & feel the backwater flow with very clear beaches at the tip of country India. Breathe in the fresh mountain air while watching the mist roll over the hills like a soft blanket during the monsoon time.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu:

Visit the botanical gardens to see exotic flowers and plants from around the world. Don’t forget to paddle a boat across the serene lake, surrounded by towering eucalyptus trees and chirping birds. One of best place to visit for nature lover.

Nainital, Uttarakhand:

Ride on a colorful boat shaped like a swan or a dragon on the lake. Start-up the Hike up to Tiffin Top for a bird’s-eye view of the town nestled among green hills. Even more for visitor that you experience mirrored in the water below.


Feel & spin the prayer wheels at the Rumtek Monastery and listen to the soothing chants of the monks. Go trek through rhododendron forests to reach high mountain passes where you can feel like you’re touching the sky. You can feel the heaven at your feet once in lifetime.

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra:

Never forget the taste juicy strawberries straight from the fields and enjoy homemade jams and desserts. and stand in awe as you watch the water gush down from the majestic Lingmala Waterfall, creating a rainbow in the mist.

Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh:

Explore the ancient caves carved out of the rocky hillsides and discover hidden chambers and intricate carvings. While traveling you take a dip in the cool waters of Apsara Vihar waterfall, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated your life with holiday you spend with your firends & colleagues.

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu:

Visit the cycle around the lake, feeling the cool breeze on your face as you pass by blooming flowers and grazing cows. Trek through the dense forests to reach Dolphin’s Nose, where you can see the valley spread out below like a green carpet on your feet. Also don’t forget to visit the culture of Tamil Nadu while you travel with your family, friends & colleagues.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh:

Slide down the snowy slopes on a sled on your way to Manali. Just feel the wind rush past you as you whoosh down, and visit the ancient Hadimba Temple, surrounded by tall deodar trees and echoing with the sound of ringing bells. Manali is special location that stands out as one of India’s top destinations to enjoy during the summer season. Ideal for creating cherished memories with family, friends and colleagues when you make planned trip.

jaipur Mahal Image

Jaipur, Rajasthan:

Ride on a colorful elephant up to the magnificent Amber Fort, feeling like a prince or princess from a fairy tale. Be a travel wander through the bustling bazaars, bargaining for trinkets and treasures amidst the chaos and colors.

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Whether you seek an adrenaline-pumping adventure, a serene retreat amidst nature, or a cultural immersion into India’s diverse heritage. These top 15 places to visit summer in India will promise an unforgettable journey. So pack your bags, embrace the warmth of summer and embark on a soul-stirring expedition through the heart of India’s splendor.

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